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Our Birth

Acid Rip was founded by Hellen Swirski after 12 years working in the banners, flags, stickers etc printing industry.

Hellen knows the industry well and has access to the best quality Rice paper, Medias and Printing Machines.


Acid Rip focus was primarily on surfboard decal/sticker printing but now with the expansion of the company we will also move our focus onto the larger sign industry…

  • Print directly to rice paper
  • Take advantage of UV ink in our specialty!
  • Print using White ink

At Acid Rip, We use top quality materials and the best printers on the market, so you get the best possible end results. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy as one of our customers:

  • Stock always available means quick turnaround time
  • Best quality
  • Long-term experience
  • Service Australia-wide
  • FREE quote and samples!

Acid Rip is a locally operated business located in Corrimal, and now we are expanding and making the move to larger premises in Smeaton Grange, NSW offering high quality printing solutions for their customers. Acid Rip was founded by Hellen Swirski, who has remained active in the multimedia printing industry for over 12 years working in the banners and the flags printing sector. Hellen’s experience within the printing industry is ideal for businesses that are looking to generate results for their products and maintaining a professional image for their customers. Acid Rip remains committed to serving its clients’ needs and is ready to help you achieve your goals and transform your product.

Let Acid Rip help you transform that professional image for your product by offering the following printing solutions:

  • Print directly to rice paper providing that professional touch that is durable under any environmental conditions to manage the image of your product.
  • At Acid Rip Decal Printing & Signs we rely on our Expertise and high quality printing technology to put your design onto a premium range of media’s.
  • Acid Rip uses their rice paper material to design a range of UV printed logos, pics and photos of the surfboard industry.
  • Print using White ink to create that positive and vibrant image on any coloured board and create that professional touch for your product.

Brief Description of the Organization

Acid Rip offers the printing of Rice Paper Stickers to custom board shapers, the surfboard industry, Glassers and all backyard surfboard makers of Australia. The stickers are printed with UV cured inks. The use of white ink allows for the printing of vibrant, bright colours even on transparent and coloured medias. The large format Printer is capable of printing rice paper stickers and Vinyl Banners for your events. Versatility is a great factor when using a printer of this magnitude.

Acid Rip provides a number of printing services for its various customers and is committed to providing high quality printing results for their clients for their various needs. Acid Rip produces flexible printing solutions for the surfing industry and will provide that professional touch for your next surfboard.


Benefits of Acid Rip

Acid Rip through its high quality printing technology is able to offer a range of printing options for its customers to serve their various needs and wants. Acid Rip is committed to working with you to develop your ideal image for your product to utilize its printing technology to deliver results for your business:

When dealing with our business we provide the following assurances:

  • Accessibility of inventory provides clients with faster results with a quick turnaround time (5-7 days + postage)
  • Cutting edge printing technology to deliver high quality printing results for your product
  • Industry knowledge and experience with 12 years experience in banner and flag printing, providing the ability to deliver results for any project
  • Durability in their various printing solutions including direct printing onto rice paper, sublimation to fabrics, UV Ink and White Ink printing for coloured boards.
  • Reliable service for customers Australia wide provides the ability to deliver on-time printing solutions regardless of location.
  • Improved ability to meet target audience needs by offering a number of printing options for customers to serve their specific product needs.
  • Provide customers with a free quote and sample of our printing solutions to work together to achieve your goals.

Surf Decals

Acid Rip gives you a great new way to print inlays for surfboards.

  • Direct printing to rice paper
  • Sublimation to fabrics
  • UV ink our specialty!
  • White ink printing

Acid Rip is committed to providing tailored printing solutions for their clients. Seeing is believing, at Acid Rip we offer customers the opportunity to experience our high quality printing solutions with one of our sample packs. You can test our exciting new products and see the quality of our printing results for yourself.

At Acid Rip, our business is driven by our customers and using high quality printing technology will guarantee that professional touch for your business. If you like what you see and want to experience what our printing solutions can do for your product, give us a call at 0409 201 964.

At Acid Rip we pride ourselves not only on our quality products but our fast turn around time!If you are interested in surfboard decals, vinyl or fabric event banners, Cor flute signage, retractable/pull-up stands, business cards and custom coffee/Latte mugs, Acid Rip co is the place to call.Call now for your free quote.

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  • Rice Paper
  • Inlay Fabric
  • Canvas Fabric
  • Sticker vinyl
  • Outdoor banner vinyl

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