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Rice Paper Printing

Acid Rip provides 2 types of Rice Paper, to choose from. The first one is a high grade Rice paper (tissue) that has been especially made for surfboard Decals.

The Second one is a specialty Rice Paper called SLR paper which has a backing paper for printing, and when peeled off it leaves you with a super thin rice paper Decal (thinner than Spray Paint). Best for Full or half board prints, can also be used for smaller decals as well

The rice paper can be easily applied to your surfboard and is highly durable to provide that bright and energetic colour and feel for your product.

PrintingDecals, Full Board Prints
TypeTissue Paper, SLR Paper ( with Backing)
Size3ft ( .9144mm), 4ft ( 1.2192mm), 5ft ( 1.524mm), 6ft ( 1.8288mm), 7ft (2.1336mm), 8ft (92.4384mm), 9 ft (2.7432mm), Custom

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